Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Gloss Stick

I fully admit, sometimes I buy stuff just for the pretty packaging. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Gloss Sticks caught my eye due to the sleek tube and pretty shades.

minty flavor/scent
easy to apply
wearable shades
not sticky
not thick/goopy on lips

cannot retract product back into tube
a bit expensive
not long lasting

Unfortunately, two of the three shades I wanted weren’t in stock at my local Sephora so, I was only able to get ‘Sweet Escape’ which is described as a pink lemonade. This is a fun color for Spring/Summer. It’s a bright pink but, not too bright where it looks clown-ish.

This actually reminds me of the old school CoverGirl LipSlicks which I was a big fan of way back in high school. It’s essentially the same concept, sheer lipgloss in tube form.

At $28 a pop, it’s a bit expensive for what it is BUT, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re like me and don’t have much time to re-do your lipstick/gloss perfectly multiple times a day (because you have to with some products), then this is for you. I appreciate the easy, no fuss application and would definitely reach for this as opposed to my wand-style glosses.

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Thinking & Planning Out Loud

I’m kind of obsessing about starting a (separate) perpetual art journal for 2019.

This nagging thought was/is inspired by Lara Gastinger’s (IG : @LaraGastinger) botanical drawings on her own perpetual journal. Her art is so intricate and detailed and just stunning.

So, I’m here like… Should I even attempt to start one of my own? Maybe I can combine my art/doodles with ‘one line a day’ type of entry? Maybe, finally, put my watercolors and paints to good use…?

I’m still stewing about it. Part of me thinks that maybe when I find the “perfect” sketchbook, that will be the push I need to do it. I just don’t want to have too many creative projects to do next year.

This year I was way too ambitious.

I began 2018 with a traditional planner + bullet journal, attempted the Leuchtturm1917 ‘Some Lines A Day’ book (which I hated because the paper quality SUCKED so I stopped), began another #Tarot365 and was also in the middle of O’s Project365.

In short, I was trying to do too much with very little time.

Fortunately, I was able to complete O’s first year photo a day project (yay!). That made it easy to keep up with my daily tarot readings. I still journal when I get the urge (or time) to write. And I fill out my bullet journal/planner when I can.

I need to have LESS creative projects for 2019.

I definitely will not do Tarot365 for next year. Perhaps monthly readings, recorded and dissected in my bujo, will suffice? And of course any other draws for sabbats and esbats will be done as well.

One witchy planner/bujo and a perpetual art journal for 2019 sounds like a good, actionable, plan – yes?

Now to find the perfect notebook and sketchbook… That’s half the battle right there.

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Strivectin Anti-Wrinkle Line BlurFector

Primer isn’t something I use on a daily basis. I save it for special occasions when I go all out and put on a full face of makeup. I tried the @Strivectin Line BlurFector primer for a week to see if using a primer daily made a difference with how smooth my skin looked and if it “blurred” fine lines/wrinkles as it claims to do.

easy to apply
a little goes a long way
light weight
matte finish
light citrus-y scent

clogged my skin
noticed little bumps/pimples on my cheeks
didn’t blur fine lines

While this product didn’t completely blur out the fine lines around my eyes, it did do a good job with filling in/smoothing out my pores and mattifying my skin. It also kept my makeup (foundation, concealer and creme blush) from looking cakey. Those are the only good things.

Unfortunately, after a few days, I noticed tiny bumps/pimples developing around my cheek area – ugh! Since this was the only new product I was using, I knew something in it was causing a reaction (the silicones, perhaps?). Once I stopped using it, the bumps went away (after cleansing and exfoliating daily). That said, I have sensitive, combo skin. If you do too, I’d pass on this.

[ I received this complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest/unbiased review. ]

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Quickies : 016

1. When I can get all the chores done (laundry, cleaning etc.) by 11a, that’s a productive day. [ Never mind the fact I’m constantly picking up random toys and what not throughout the day. ]

2. Hi, I’m a perfume addict. Currently sampling five different vials of Le Labo perfume. I love the brand and their aesthetic but, I’ve yet to find ‘the one’ scent that I’d be willing to purchase a full sized bottle for. Santal 33 is at the top but, that’s their most popular scent so, meh.

3. Only 2 weeks of summer vacation left. We’ll soon have a 3rd grader! C has been wanting to go back to school since last month, ha. I’ll have to remind him of this when he’s an angst-y teen who we have to drag out of bed.

Side note: It always feels a little odd to be one of the last districts to start school. Also, I do not miss the extra traffic or drop off/pick up shenanigans!

4. 7 more days until L turns three – eek! I am dreading the terrible three’s. IDK why people always say two year olds are terrors because, in my experience, three year olds are absolute monsters! Though, something tells me L will remain his sweet, go with the flow self. At least I hope he does.

5. So O is getting all four of his canines in at the same time and OMFG y’all, he is one moody little turd! Sometimes I just look at him while he’s tantrum-ing and think, ‘What-the-motherfuck?!’ Honestly, I don’t recall C or L going through this insanity. At least their tantrums weren’t as frequent or as ear piercingly painful. I may never hear well again.

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Antique Anatomy Tarot

Introducing my newest deck, the Antique Anatomy Tarot (Ephemera Edition) by Claire Goodchild (IG : @BlackandtheMoon)

Gorgeous isn’t it?

I’ve been waiting for this deck to arrive since June. It was definitely worth the wait. I adore the card backs and of course the artwork.

I’m looking forward to getting to know and working with it for my daily throws.

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Quickies : 015

1. Currently searching for just the right journal/sketchbook. It needs to be hardbound in leather (though I’ll make an exception), have 300+ blank pages and about 6×8. So far the ones I’ve seen do not have as many pages as I’d like. It’s out there, somewhere, and I’ll find it!

2. I’m in the middle of the first season of GRIMM and so far it has held my attention. Doesn’t hurt that the male lead is nice to look at.

3. The Husband and I agree, we want to live somewhere where the daytime highs are between 65°-70° and the nights are 40°-45°. Does such a place even exist? If so, that would be our version of heaven.

4. I never thought I would ever (ever!) purchase a two piece swimsuit let alone two of them but, my old ones were too big/loose so I needed replacements. They’re retro, colorful and patterned(!) and best of all, super flattering – love!

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