Daily Tending & Tarot [ 13/31 ]

TWO OF PENTACLES (take your time today, act when you have all the info)
TWO OF WANDS (make realistic plans, then act on them)

I find pleasure in consistency.
Oh, my persnickety Type-A self truly does! It may seem boring and predictable but, it can be comforting too.

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 11/31 ]

Commit yourself to 15 minutes of play today.

I spent 15 or so minutes creating a new anklet for myself. It’s made out of hematite (protection, grounding and strength) and labradorite (intuition, transformation, strength) beads.

TWO OF PENTACLES (prioritize your priorities to achieve balance)
KNIGHT OF SWORDS (pace yourself, weigh your options)

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 10/31 ]

What do I know to be true right now?

I know I’m doing my best to raise my three little monsters. Love is what they need the most. It’s what we all need more of.

TEMPERANCE (take on one thing at a time, moderation)
NINE OF WANDS (stay the course, patience & perseverance)
JUSTICE (choose how to spend your time wisely)

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