001 : Five Things Friday

1. The thing with living in a house built in 1906 is there was no air conditioning back then. Yes, our original windows do their job letting the breeze in but, when it inevitably gets hot and humid here in perpetually sunny SoCal, our house is stifling.

2. “They” say it’s because we’re a coastal community which means it never gets *that* hot here so AC wasn’t a necessity yadda, yadda… *I* say STFU because it was 96° today and not even the so-called ocean breeze can compete with that shite.

3. Climate change, people. Climate fucking change.

4. Cue the spiffy new portable AC/dehumidifier unit the Husband’s workmate lent to us (indefinitely? lol). Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways… While it won’t cool down the whole house it WILL make it comfortable enough so that I’m not sweating (and hella cranky) all day.

5. Oreo cookie shakes FTMFW!

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 31/31 ]

I want… this fucking heatwave to suck it.
I want… cold weather. Like, wite-walkers marching down the fucking street, cold.
I want… grey and misty mornings where I can wear all my cute ass clothes.
(Side note : I have to go out and buy new jeans because two subsequent pregnancies left me with LESS of an ass than I started off with?! AND 15lbs lighter but, that’s probably due to breastfeeding two humans).
Speaking of…
I want… good food because I’m always famished and parched. I also want someone to cook it for me because I sure as hell don’t want to stand in front of a hot stove.
I want… the old days of the internet, when it was an ‘escape’ from the real world.

JUSTICE (hold yourself accountable, seek balance between work/play/life)
QUEEN OF SWORDS (be direct, don’t let your emotions rule your choices)

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Musings About Hecate

The divine goddess Hecate (Hekate) has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do anything in relation to offerings or even lighting a candle to honor Her. I feel as if she’s reaching out now because I’m in need of guidance – spiritually and creatively. Also, Fall is approaching and it’s the time of year I’m most in tune with my spiritual self.

The last several weeks I re-read the books, articles, artwork/images and information I’ve gathered about Her. Despite it being such a long time since I’ve actively thought and sought Her out, I still feel a strong connection. Honestly, she’s the only goddess I can relate (I can’t think of a better term at the moment) to.

The other day I put on my ‘Pick Your Poison’ tank that I created (skreened.com/one25) and instantly felt re-connected to Her. While She’s not a deity you can be wishy-washy about, I feel she’s understanding if you don’t have the means or time to fully devote to Her. She knows you’ll make time when you can.

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