Sea Witchery & Learning Tarot

Since rediscovering my path a little more than a year ago, I’ve read various books, websites, articles and whatever else I’m able to get my witchy hands on. (Btw, you can view the list of books I’ve read this year here. I hope to add on to that list for 2013.) Thankfully, the Internet has a wealth of information, websites, and knowledgeable people one can seek and learn from. Of course, you do have to keep an open mind, and more often than not, have to take things with a grain of salt.

I’ve been able to narrow down my research, and I’m focusing more on setting up a guidelines/structure for myself.  I’ve followed the Wheel of the Year ever since I was in my 20s, so certain things I came across in my research weren’t all that new to me. This past year was more of a refresher course. Also, I’ve become much more comfortable acknowledging and celebrating the Sabbats/Esbats out in the open. Meaning, around close friends and certain family members.

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Some Updates

First of all, you don’t want to know how long it took me to find a WordPress theme I can live with. I’m quite particular with website layouts/themes as I used to create them for my personal sites. I like things to be minimalistic, and font sizes to be a nice, normal, readable size – not too big, not too small. I haven’t updated here in a few days due to me not liking the look of my site, thus not wanting to write or update at all. I’m sure I’m not alone in this mindset. In any case, I like this current theme very much and I hope it won’t give me problems down the line.

Secondly, since moving  from Tumblr to my own server, I feel so much more… well, comfortable with sharing my thoughts. I will miss the constant information/reblogs that Tumblr provides, but my main objective with creating this blog is to get in tune with my spirituality, and be better organized about it. Having Bewitchery on my domain allows me to freely organize, categorize and add on to my blog as I see fit. I feel Tumblr is very limiting especially for the long term.

Thirdly, 2013 is fast approaching and I plan to participate in a couple projects, the Pagan Blog Project and the Pagan Insights Project. I’m looking forward to writing more, learning from others and meeting new and like-minded people through these projects. If you plan to join PBP and/or PIP, do let me know so we can motivate each other to write/learn/share! 🙂

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A Guide to Arianrhod

Alternative spellings :
Aranrhod and Arianrod.

Her name has been translated as silver-wheel, a symbol that represents the ever-turning wheel of the year. The wheel may also refers to the oar wheel upon which she carried the dead back to her heavenly northern land the Corona Borealis. Here according to some Welsh traditions the dead souls waited for the Goddess and her female attendants to decide their fate before being reincarnated.

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Hekate offers powerful benefits to those who work with her energies.

She can…
Help us work with the subconscious and deep shadow work
Cut through illusions to true power
Guide and protect souls through the dark hours
Aid in rebirth and transformation
Help with important decisions that need to be made
Enhance our vision, for she can see into the past present and future
Be invoked for magic and divination

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A Manifesto

This much I know to be true :

I am Pagan. I’ve not labeled myself until now.

I consider myself to be a witch. Specifically, a sea witch as I have a deep affinity for the ocean (seashells, water etc.).

I am not Wiccan. I do not perform rituals, cast spells, or call the corners. However, I do acknowledge the wheel of the year/sabbats, and esbats to varying degrees.

I gravitate to Hecate and Arianrhod. I adore stars, astrology (Aquarius!), and the moon. I use tarot cards to gain a little insight.

Drawing is my form of meditation. Music (and singing) is how I feed my soul.

This is me.

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Hekate : Who is Hecate?

November is the month of Hecate, a goddess of the ancient world whose name has become synonymous with witchcraft and magic.

Who is Hecate?

Hecate (also Hekate) is an underworld goddess brought to Greece by a Thracian mystic out of the wilds of Caria on the shores of ancient Anatolia. A popular cult venerating her as a goddess of childbirth arose in ancient Greece and she was integrated into their pantheon of gods. In later Ptolemaic Alexandria she acquired a darker reputation as a goddess of sorcery, becoming the ‘Queen of Ghosts’, in which guise she played a role in the work of Shakespeare and forever became associated with the wilder side of Paganism.

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