Daily Tending & Tarot [ 08/31 ]

What do I need?
I need rest and hydration after a trip to the ER yesterday for mastitis.
I need 4 doses of antibiotics a day for the next 7 days, and ibuprofen to help me heal.
I need my two nurslings to nurse, nurse, nurse away the clog.
I need to find a special way to thank the Husband for leaving work early and taking care of me and the kiddos. (Seriously. He’s the best Husband, ever.)
I need a nap.
And chocolate.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (have patience, go with the flow, things will sort themselves out)
THE EMPEROR (consistency, set boundaries for yourself)
ACE OF SWORDS (new perspectives, possibilities)

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 06/31 ]

How much joy can I allow?

I can, I do and I’m willing to allow ALL THE JOY in.

Now, I’m not talking about the joy my children, the Husband or our lives bring. Those go without saying. Those things are immeasurable.

I’m talking about all the things *I* love to do/used to do. Those are the things that require me to be ALONE for more than 5 minutes, or 15 minutes or even an hour. All of it has been put on hold and will continue to be on hold for the next 18 years. It’s a sacrifice my über independent/introverted self struggles to accept almost daily.

And so, I TRY to steal moments here and there. A quick doodle, a favorite song or movie on repeat, a shuffle of the cards, writing blog entries on my phone… Hell, online shopping even! Those little things? All the little stolen seconds? They add up over time. And it helps.

EIGHT OF WANDS (hard work, patience and sacrifice will pay off in the end)
QUEEN OF WANDS (be creative with how you spend your time)

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 05/31 ]

I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of self love.
I am worthy of self care.
I am worthy of stolen moments to drink my coffee while it’s still hot.
I am worthy of little indulgences.
Like adding whipped cream to my coffee or real butter on my toast.
I am worthy of not having to share everything with everyone.
I am worthy of taking an extra few minutes in the shower.
I am worthy of putting myself first.
I’m worthy of all this and not feeling guilty about any of it.

ACE OF SWORDS (focus only on the things that matter)
PAGE OF WANDS (channel your creative energy)
SEVEN OF SWORDS (clarify your intentions, look out for yourself)

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 04/31 ]

It is safe to proceed in my own right timing…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my breastfeeding journey, specifically when to wean. Currently, I’m tandem breastfeeding my toddler (he’ll be 2 on the 16th!) and my infant (5.5 months). While I plan to breastfeed my youngest for a year+, I’m not sure I want to continue to nurse a 2 year old. BUT how do I wean my toddler when he sees me nursing his brother on demand? As it is I only nurse him before naps and bedtime. I feel it would be easier if he slept all night (more than 4-5 hour blocks) but, he’s not there yet. Any mamas out there have tips/tricks/advice? I’d appreciate it!

EIGHT OF PENTACLES (hard work and perseverance will see you through)
TEMPERANCE (prioritize, find balance, have patience)

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