Arianrhod : Goddess of the Moon, Stars & Sky

Arianrhod is the Celtic Goddess of the Moon, the Stars and the Sky. She has also been known by such other names, as Margawse or Morgause, and by such titles as the Goddess of Childbirth, Magick, Justice and the Night. In Wales, Arianrhod takes on other attributes as well, when she becomes the Goddess of the Wheel of the Year and the Goddess of the Full Moon, Destiny, Fertility, Death and Reincarnation. What is extremely important is the fact that Arianrhod is also the Goddess of Feminine Power, an integral part of the Divine Feminine.

Legend tells us that Arianrhod was the most powerful of all the children born to the great Mother Goddess Don and her consort Beli; and that she was extremely beautiful, with very pale skin. She was also believed to have been both sister and wife to Gwydion, and the mother of the twins: Llew, a Sun God, and Dylan, a God of the Sea.

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Tarot : Quick Reference List


0 The Fool : Unexpected opportunity. major choice.
I The Magician : You have the ability you need to succeed. Mastery.
II The High Priestess : Intuition. secrets to be revealed. unexplored potential.
III The Empress : Nurturing to full potential. marriage. motherhood.
IV The Emperor : Ambition. authority. financial stability. achievement.
V The Hierophant : Traditional values. a wise person provides guidance.
VI The Lovers : Love relationship. perhaps love choices.
VII The Chariot : Triumph over difficulties. strength of will needed.
VIII Strength : Gentleness wither inner strength and courage.
IX The Hermit : Withdrawal for contemplation. inner wisdom.
X The Wheel of Fortune : Change of fortune. a new cycle commencing. progress.
XI Justice : Fairness. the need for a balance mind. legal matters.
XII The Hanged Man : Understanding. Different perspective. Self-sacrifice.
XIII Death : Major change. Transformation.
XIV Temperance : Patience. Moderation. Compromise. Balance. healing.
XV The Devil : Manipulation. Overindulgence. self-enslavement.
XVI The Tower : Destruction of something built on false beliefs.
XVII The Star : Hope. Healing. Optimism. Better times ahead.
XVIII The Moon : Uncertainty. Illusion. Fluctuating emotions. Unseen depth.
XIX The Sun : Success. happiness. good health. Happy marriage.
XX Judgment : Renewal. Revival. Reward for past efforts. Karma.
XXI The World : Triumph and achievement. success and happiness.

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Shadowscapes : The Empress

It is no secret how enamored I am with the Shadowscapes deck. For the past few days I’ve been reading, re-reading, taking notes, and highlighting the guidebook. When I’m not doing that I’m handling and shuffling the cards, taking my time with each one; examining, pondering, trying to commit each lovely image to memory.

Additionally, and this may sound silly to some, I’ve tucked the cards under my pillow at night as a way to further attune and bond with the deck. I did the same with my R-W deck, and feel I was able to work more intuitively with it. I’ve also taken the time to re-order the deck as yet another way to cleanse and charge it.

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The Shadowscapes Tarot

The first of December brought not only overcast and rainy weather (my favorite!), but my new brand tarot cards! I’ve been stalking this package online since I ordered it so it was a nice surprise as the expected delivery, per the USPS website, was Monday (tomorrow).
The Shadowscapes tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is a deck I’ve coveted for almost a year! Now that I’m more comfortable with using/reading tarot cards, I wanted to treat myself, and learn a new deck. Actually, this is an early Yule/Christmas gift from the husband. 😉

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Divinely Dreaming

A lucid dream is when one is aware that one is dreaming. I’ve had a few of these dreams in my lifetime. I don’t actively try to lucid dream even though there are techniques online, so all of my experiences have been random. Last night I had a lucid dream.

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A Guide to Hecate/Hekate

Areas of Influence:
In Greece she was a pre- Olympian Goddess who aided Zeus in the battle against the Titans. He shared some of his power to with her in return.

Originally she was Goddess of the wild places, childbirth and the crossroads. These are all in between spaces that are associated with the spirit world; for the wilderness is not yet tame, birth is the moment of life where death stands in waiting and the three ways cross roads intersect at a point that is between all the directions. She was called upon by the ancients to provide protection and wisdom at these critical points.

As the in between spaces are the places where the veils between the worlds traditionally believed to be at their thinnest they are also associated with witches, magic and ghosts. From these links she gained the titles of Queen of witches and Queen of Ghosts.

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