Queen of the Hive

It has been far too long since I’ve heard the familiar buzz of a tattoo gun. 5 years, give or take. I’ve always wanted more but, had to wait because of my pregnancies, then breastfeeding, and other necessities (like buying our first home, remodeling, then selling it, then buying our second home then moving/settling in, then landscaping and painting the exterior… oy!).

Now that things have begun to calm down (not really though because hello, we have 3 kids!) it’s time.

It’s ME time.

It’s time to get all the designs I’ve been working on the last 5ish years out of my head and onto my skin.

C’s birth date was etched onto my wrist when he was about 7 months old. I had plans to get L’s birth date done around his first birthday but, that was when I found out I was (surprise!) pregnant with our third. O is 7 months old now so no more excuses.

It was worth the wait to get both L and O’s birth dates at the same time. Just simple Roman numerals to represent three special dates and three special little boys.

Adding to their birth dates is a concept I came up with soon after I found out I was having our third boy. The Husband stated I would be the “queen” with all my little monsters. While I am out numbered, I’m well loved.

I chose a queen bee because she (and the collective hive) represent family, unity, working together, communication, and striving for/enjoying the sweetness of life. The crown is simple (because I’m not that bougie, ha). It incorporates an alternative triple moon symbol. I wanted the center or “full moon” to be a hexagon as a nod to a beehive. C was born during a full moon, L during a waxing moon and then O during a waning moon. The body of the bee includes a pentacle to represent the five of us. I especially love the dotwork shading style she used as it doesn’t feel or look too dark/heavy. Honestly, this pretty queen bee could not be a more perfect representation of our family.

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002 : Five Things Friday

1. Grocery shopping and having a full fridge, freezer and pantry.

2. An evening spent with my loves at California Adventure.

3. Good hair and face day!

4. Pumpkin spice churros with cream cheese filling – OMG!

5. Snuggling with my two youngest babies as they fall asleep.

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003 : Gratitude

1. Being able to say, “Let’s go to Disneyland!” any day or time we desire. The hella expensive passes are worth it because we all have a great time – every time. What’s more, I can babywear O and that means we can go on most of the rides TOGETHER.

2. Late night conversations with a special friend who I would not have met 3 years ago if not for *just* the right circumstances. Timing is everything, folks. (Is that vague enough or what?)

3. Finding $100 in between two cards in my wallet. I don’t recall where it came from or from who (thanks to Mom brain) but, I definitely appreciate it. Thank you, Universe!

4. All my pants/jeans are falling off me and everything is much roomier than I remember. I’m am thankful for this tandem breastfeeding/allergy-free diet. Can I just breastfeed forever?

5. Had sex twice this week. Y’all, that’s a major accomplishment! These kids can be such cockblockers. lol

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Witchy Doodles

Halloween is near and I couldn’t be more excited. However, there isn’t a lick of the typical Halloween decor up. We’ve been so busy almost every day it’s difficult to find the time to haul everything out of the garage. Plus, with L getting into everything and O’s separation anxiety, I’m thinking the only decorating we’ll be doing is on our front porch.

In any case, I’ve been in the mood to draw and doodle. I thought I’d try out drawing people/figures and objects instead of my usual zentangles/zendoodles.

As you can see there’s definitely some room for improvement, ha.

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002 : Gratitude

1. First tattoo(s) consultation in about 6 years with a new tattoo artist who I’ve been following on IG for over a year. Immediately loved the zen vibe of the studio and her personality. Can not wait to get inked next month!

2. Pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme donuts – so good!

3. Needing to buy new jeans because all my favorite ones are falling off.

4. The way the boys’ faces lights up whenever they hear their favorite songs or watch their favorite movies.

5. My mom wants to celebrate her birthday at our house AND bring all the food – ha.

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My Brand of Magic

I dabble in a lot of creative hobbies and interests. I bounce around from writing to making jewelry, to singing, then gardening, to decorating…

However art, specifically drawing, has always been my go-to. Sitting down with pen in hand, sketchbook in front of me and my favorite tunes in the background is unadulterated bliss. I can leave the hectic world behind, get in my creative zone and conjure my own brand of magic.

For me, art and music go hand in hand. I love both equally and unequivocally.

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