Quickies : 008

1. Currently compiling a playlist of songs for our upcoming road trip. Classic Rock, a little Country and late 90s and early 2000s Alternative Rock dominate the list. I really, really(!) miss good music.

I also miss singing. Not just casually singing along to songs while driving or at home but, REAL singing. The kind of singing that requires vocal warmups and sheet music.

I hope at least one of these boys will love all types of music and singing as much as I do.

2. The parking situation in LB is ridiculous. I’m so glad we don’t have to worry about it in our neighborhood but, when in downtown? Ugh. It almost makes me not want to check out any new restaurants when I have to factor in circling the block a few hundred times.

3. Summer break officially began at 2pm. I don’t know if I’ll make it alive (or sane) this summer. Three against one just doesn’t seem fair.

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Quickies : 007

1. My cousin introduced me to Rae Dunn about a year ago and I have since fallen down the rabbit hole. While my ‘collection’ is not as vast or extensive as hers (and others) I do have way too many mugs and bowls for one person. And yes, I/we do use them!

What’s funny is, the Husband is the one who has a knack for finding RD while out and about. He has found the majority of my collection and it’s the cutest thing. I think he gets a kick out of finding the popular items others are buying/selling or trading for. And I love him for indulging my (daily) craziness.

2. Hot weather and I will never get along. I dread/loathe the long hot days of Summer (and early Fall because it’s basically *still* Summer here).

I want to live in an area where the temperature is a constant 45° lows and tops out at a nice 70°. A place where every morning starts out cool and foggy and there are more gloomy days than sunny. That would be perfect.

3. I’m a designer bag lover (and I have a few of my own) but, I also appreciate the quality in family owned, handmade goods. This Peg & Awl tote is a beautiful bag made with durable waxed canvas, vintage fabric in the interior pockets and best of all, the straps are made out of repurposed antique WWII military gunslings!

The leather is thick, pliable and super sturdy. It is definitely a “of a kind” bag as stated on their website. I adore the Slate grey color as it just so happens to match my Jeep, ha. This bag will probably outlive me!

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