Two Years & Counting

This is my youngest, O, he’s 6 months old. My middle child, L, turned 2 a few days ago which means I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for 2 years AND tandem feeding both for 6 months.

I just want to take a moment to pat myself on the back because I wasn’t sure I would be able to breastfeed (since I wasn’t successful with my oldest) for my initial goal of 6 months let alone 2 years and counting.

I nurse both on demand and I don’t pump (no time!) which means I don’t use bottles or even pacifiers. I’ve nursed them everywhere and anywhere possible. In cars, restaurants, theme parks, on theme park rides. It sounds harder than it is, really.

Yes, we have had to plan our outings around their schedules but, that’s what comes with having little ones. Honestly, there’s no such thing as a schedule. Just when you think you’ve got some semblance of a schedule, one kid will inevitably decide to change it up.

I’ve learned to slow down, let the chores go (well, sometimes) and just be in the moment with them. I’ve learned how to multi-task like a boss! And it’s nice not having to worry about buying formula or lugging around bottles in an already full diaper bag.

My two babies rely on me for nourishment and comfort. It’s equal parts exhausting and empowering. It can also be frustrating as fuck. Especially when both are cry-whining and I’m just trying to get a moment to finally pee or spend time with my eldest.

I try to keep perspective and think about how fleeting these moments are in the grand scheme of LIFE. They’re only babies for a short time and one day (one day!) they won’t come running to me for every little thing.

Kudos to all my fellow mamas (whether you BF or use formula or are somewhere in between), this shite is hard work!

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 23/31 ]

Surrender to ease.

We have exactly one week until the new school year begins. I’m excited for my soon to be 2nd grader. I’m also looking forward to having a (somewhat) consistent schedule again. Summer break has been fun and easy but, part of me also thrives on routine.

TWO OF PENTACLES (stay on top of things, stay balanced and focused)
KING OF PENTACLES (quality over quantity, manifest a secure future)

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L Turns Two!

Our sweet Luca-bear turned two today.

Did I mention he was a ‘surprise’ baby?

After almost 5 years of ‘not really trying but not really preventing’ and three miscarriages, we had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we would only have one child.

People would ask if we were going to have more kids all the time. What can you say to those nosy people? Laugh it off? Say you only wanted one (but wouldn’t mind another). Or maybe, ‘Oh, sure thing. Just getting over another pesky miscarriage then we’ll keep at it!’


To say that I was shocked when I found out would be an understatement. I was in denial. I mean, the Husband was the one who noticed the difference in me and my lack of a cycle (even though I’ve never really been regular). He was the one who suggested I take a pregnancy test.

Side note : He did the same when I was pregnant with C. And again when I was pregnant with O. I swear he knows my body better than I do, ha.

We were so excited to learn we’d have another little monster to love. My pregnancy with L was quite different from C’s. I was way more nauseous in the beginning. Then developed GD which royally sucked all the fun out of it at first but, in the end, it was a good thing. It was the push I needed to turn things around and develop better habits for myself and him.

Thankfully, my GD was easily diet controlled and it felt like a strange science experiment every time I had to prick my fingers (4x a day). I kicked GD’s ass and felt amazing the rest of my pregnancy.

My labor and delivery with L was incredibly convenient (delivered on a Saturday evening) and easy (three pushes!). L breastfed like a champ and we both thrived.

Then at 7 months, after a scary ER trip, we learned he was allergic to pretty much everything (wheat, peanuts, soy, milk, eggs). It was an eye opener. Since I was exclusively breastfeeding him (and determined not to stop), I had to make drastic changes to my eating habits. I changed to an allergy-free diet. Paleo without the eggs, milk/cheese. It was difficult but, necessary.

Now, at two years, I’m proud to say I’m still breastfeeding. My original goal was 6 months, then it became 1 year, then 18 months. Two years of breastfeeding on demand (I never used bottles or pacifiers, and hardly pump because I find it more inconvenient than helpful) is equal parts exhausting and empowering. Sure there are days when I feel touched out and moody AF but, the moment passes as quickly as it comes. I am truly amazed at what my body – women’s bodies – can do.

Having achieved my 2 year goal the question now is, when will I wean him? Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that. I feel it would be best if L self-weaned. As it is, he can go the whole day without nursing if needed. He nurses to sleep (daily nap and at bedtime) usually and I think, eventually, he’ll drop both when he’s ready.

My little L isn’t so little any more and it has been so fun to watch him grow. He’s every bit a curious toddler and well into his “terrible twos”. He will be the one to keep the Husband and I on our toes.

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